A loving relationship can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Early on, people tend to focus most of their energy and attention on their partner and the relationship.

Laughter and compromise come easy, and the relationship may seem effortless. As one moves through life with a partner, however, many challenges will undoubtedly arise. Fortunately, these situations can be overcome through building a healthy relationship based on an on going commitment of time and effort. This session will focus on strategies to help participants build and maintain mutually satisfying relationships.

The added pressures of being away for longer periods of time, one major thing to consider is that you in fact become a visitor to the home each time you return from afar.

You will have to concede that the family now has a life without significant male or female figure and fitting back in can be a challenge. In order to avoid conflict in this area it’s important to recognise that this could be the case and consider these things when reviewing or sorting out your relationship.

  • Recognize common relationship challenges.
  • Find ways to improve communication and resolve conflict.
  • Enhance your romance and intimacy.
  • Implement strategies for building healthy relationships based on trust and commitment.

In the first instance, the 6 Re’s to remember are:

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