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Our philosophy is:

challenge the attitude and change the culture.    

Information For Employers

On Budget

Acknowledging tough times in the world economy, D’Accord OAS can offer packages that meet your budget expectations. We believe in a quality service that can be teamed with affordability. You will find we are highly competitive but we do not cut corners to achieve your goals.

Tips for Managers & HR In Assisting Employees Post Trauma

On Your Side

D’Accord OAS believes that your organisation will benefit from an organised and targeted EAP program. We have the results to prove it! Negativity in the workplace gets everyone down. Our philosophy is: challenge the attitude and change the culture. Ultimately, the goal is to create a work environment where employees feel appreciated and supported, which will result in staff loyalty to your product and your organisation.

D’Accord OAS will assist employees with developing organisational skills, effective communication skills, leadership skills and management skills.

Our ability to help employees remain at work and be performing to the best of their ability is paramount.

D’Accord OAS is a member and supporter of EAPAA, the industry regulatory body who govern the ethical considerations and professional identity of accredited EAP providers.

There are many benefits to employees, family and the community:

Remind GPs, health professionals, leaders and helpers that EAPs are confidential and free for the employee and aim to meet a need that is already there. 20% of the workforce suffer stress of some form and 48% of the population experience mental health concerns in their lifetime (ABS).

Making Appointments

D’Accord OAS appointments can be made on or off site. Urgent appointments or appointments of a traumatic nature will be dealt with on the same day or immediately on the telephone if required.

Staff are guaranteed to receive services within the pre-agreed specified timeframes for service delivery. All referrals are received into D’Accord OAS’s centralised administration system and passed directly to one of the Professional Consultants immediately.

Employees who use face-to-face counselling services provided by D’Accord OAS Employee Assistance do so through the following avenues of referral. The first is by calling our team on 1300 130 130. When an employee calls this number they are connected to the intake officer who coordinates the booking. Employees are also able to book an appointment via email.

The second method is through a Supervisor or Manager referral. This may occur when an employee’s work performance has deteriorated to such a degree that their supervisor needs to discuss this issue with them. If any issues related to personal or workplace are involved, the supervisor may suggest a referral to the EAP service as the best place to deal with these issues. If the employee agrees then the supervisor may make the appointment on his or her behalf. OAS provides customers with fully qualified personnel that have expertise in assessment which range from early intervention services, suicide risk assessment, which are all based on clinical models of assessment. In many cases OAS is called upon to determine the presentation of employees not only from a work perspective but also from an underlying pre disposing standpoint. Psychometric testing is used as well as face-to-face interview. EAP is predominantly a brief oriented approach to assessing the needs of the client and designing a treatment program or referring them onto other services as required.

National resources to service your organisation in the CBD, Metro and rural and regional areas of all states.

Clinical and counselling Psychology

Individual face to face counselling

Onsite incident and trauma debriefing

Redundancy Support Counselling

Management support

Group Counselling

Tailored EAP

Use our workshops to improve staff relations and to build confidence in problem areas. We offer off-site facilities or after hours / lunch time programs where appropriate. Full catering service available on request.

D’Accord OAS guarantees workshops that are engaging, beneficial and fun! We find that staff enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills in a safe environment and come back over and over again to improve life skills and ultimately add value to your organisation!

  • Assertiveness Training
  • Mediation
  • Leadership Training
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Resilience in the Workplace
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Zero Tolerance Training
  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

Below is the D’Accord OAS Australian map of clinicians. D’Accord OAS is a leading EAP provider that can also provide global coverage. Please enquire at if you are seeking international coverage. Along with many others, some of the countries we can service are:

If there are issues that you need assistance with for either yourself or a team member phone the EAP and helpful advice can be given over the phone if necessary.

If you feel you would like to learn how to manage your own wellbeing, debrief, talk about your situation or seek assistance on how you can provide support to colleagues:

Call us today at 1300 130 130