Redundancy Support and Outplacement Services

In order to be market ready or ‘job ready’ the individual may require the following:

Coping with Job Loss

Our Psychologists and Counsellors are well equipped to assist people to come to terms with their situation and to sensitively work with them to the stage where they are ready to approach the job market. 

Professional Resume

Counsellors will work with the person to ensure that they have a professional, marketing tool that will assist the individual to sell themselves into the appropriate job.  How to use your Referees will also be addressed as well as how to write effective letters of application that address the job vacancy’s selection criteria. 

Interview Techniques

Our experienced interviewers will work with the individual providing them with interview strategies and ‘mock interviews’ to assist the individual to practice their skills.  A ‘sales presentation’ will also be developed so that they put forward their most positive and targeted information at interview.  Behavioural interview techniques may also be discussed and practiced. 

Career Evaluation and Career Plan 

To enable the individual to write their resume and perform during interviews the individual will undertake a career evaluation and formulate a career plan.  An analysis of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, values, interests, personality and other personal characteristics will be explored.  These will be considered in the context of appropriate jobs for the person, the current job market will also be taken into consideration. 

Job Search 

Once the individual’s skills an interests are understood, job search activities can then be formed.  This includes how and where to apply for advertised jobs and strategies to access jobs within the ‘hidden job market’. 

Keeping motivated in your Job Search 

D’accord’s Counsellors will assist to keep the individual motivated when they are finding the job search process difficult and counsel them as they apply for each position,  Counsellors will assist individuals to evaluate how their job search plan is going and whether or not it needs to be altered over time.  

Tailored Packages

Our services are tailored to the individual, professional and 100% confidential.  We provide individuals with sessions when they need them.  We can tailor a package and quotation to suit your budget and needs of your staff. Outlined below is an example structure of our employee support and outplacement services: 

Employee Assistance Program

Provision of counselling and support via the EAP service.

Outplacement Services

  • Provided by a D’accord consultant to affected staff 
  • Outplacement service provided ONLY when employee is ’emotionally’ stable after any EAP counselling provided 
  • Each employee will be provided with a personal ‘tailor-made’ program including clear understanding of the structure of the Outplacement/Transition program and be provided with a workbook of exercises

Outplacement Plan

Session 1 Client Introduction and Assessment

Skills, knowledge and interest

Sesion 2 Self-Assessment and Career Planning

Management and leadership capability

Career anchors and achievements 

Areas for re-training and capability development

Session 3 Resume and Job Search Strategy

Employment options, job criteria suitability

Resume preparation 

Job search plan 

Session 4 Interview Techniques  

Interview types and styles

Preparing for the interview 

Services are provided...

in person

via phone

via online video

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